Life Coach Lois Medel

Reclaim the power you've lost or forgotten. Expand your inner nature to achieve everything you want. 

My Story

I,  like anyone else, had a story of...pain, tears, fear, disappointments,  moments of uncertainty, confusion and threatening health condition. This  is life. Painful things happen to us that leave us hopeless and  helpless, preventing us from fully maximizing the essence of living. No  story is less or greater than another because the level of pain and  intensity is commensurate to how one perceives one's condition. The  question is, how do we change our current situation- to have more money,  loving relationship, success in our career or just to have some peace.  Logic or beliefs tell us to work harder, sever the relationship that's  not serving us, forgive and forget, be positive, accept what is and move  on. However, it's not as simple as that...the pain still lingers on,  stress escalates, positive affirmations don't work... We are stuck. The  truth is, there is a solution to everything, a common denominator  inherent in each one of us that has been forgotten because we are so  busy living life. It doesn't matter what one's status in life is-rich or  poor, learned or not...we possess the ability to turn things around  given the tools to remember the stuff we're made of. It can only happen  when we consciously step into that sacred space where change can take  place. It's not magic that happens overnight, it requires commitment to  fully embrace the beauty of what it will give you. But this doesn't mean  that the dark nights are over for good. The shadows may  still hover around, nonetheless it's not the end, but just a passing of  the storm for you have now realized your innate capacity to handle  anything that comes along.  As you make your first step, allow me to  help you embrace the joy that "Moment of Transformation" will give you.