My business was not doing well at all. It was causing me so much stress. I  was doing everything humanly possible to make it work. I blamed the  economy, my competitors and just about all else. I was skeptical to seek  coaching. But I was wrong. I can't begin to go into all the things she  helped me with but I will say she helped me turn things around. 


I have worked with Ms. Medel for several years now.  She is insightful,  intuitive, encouraging and positively provoking.  She is eager and  strongly capable to assist and aid people with whom she comes in contact  in professional arenas.  

Sharron G.

I have known Ms. Medel for over twenty years. She gives her clients courage  to go forth, and is dedicated in her field, she can be trusted. 

​Pat Wolf

I have known Lois for many years. She has mentored me in my spiritual  awareness and has helped me evolve into someone more enlightened with life itself. She has made me a better person, a person I like, and now a  person that I love. I feel there is still much to learn; I continue to  see her on a regular basis.

Don W.C.

Knowing Lois as a friend as well as a professional, for more than ten years, has  been a joy..Her ability to discern and analyze my fears and anxieties  has been amazing..Her calm demeanor and spirituality have only added to  her charm.
Marilyn Allen 

My husband suffered a catastrophic career upset about 4 years ago. While he  has not been back to a traditional job, through Lois's guidance he has  explored new avenues. He is at peace with himself and is a much happier  person. Some of his hobbies are now turned into "jobs" for him and since  he loves his hobbies, he now enjoys his life once again. Lois was able  to turn his thought process around. Something his wife was not able to  do. Our marriage is less stressful and the change is all due to her help and guidance.

Robin C.